Cat Snapp Studio

Cat Snapp

Hi! I’m Cat Snapp, the creator of Cat Snapp Studio. And yes, that’s my real name. I live and work just outside Seattle, where I create in my studio with an antique letterpress, an etching press and a versatile work table my husband, Mike, built for me as a Christmas present when I was just starting out.

Though I didn’t always know that I’d become a professional artist, I’ve created art since I was a kid. I remember drawing pictures of Frankenstein’s monster with my parents on our couch when I was 6, making “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” style books when I was 12 and falling in love with the impression of ink on paper in my first undergrad etching class at the University of Central Florida. It wasn’t until the end of my first year of grad school at the University of North Texas that I was sure in my path as an artist.