Stephanie Murphy Lupo

Stephanie Murphy Lupo

Stephanie Murphy Lupo 

Stephanie Murphy-Lupo is an author, freelance writer and native Floridian. As a career journalist, she wrote about her experiences exploring numerous American destinations – as well as travels to Cuba, Portugal, Australia, Finland, Sweden, Canada and Italy.

She gained extensive insight about the way other people view their own journeys – through interviews with tycoons and celebrities, scholars and scientists, musicians and artists, entertainers and athletes, analysts and policy-makers.

Among the most interesting to quiz or listen to — the late Gen. Alexander Haig, Donald Trump, Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, Sophia Loren, Tony Bennett, Frankie Valli, Regis Philbin, Michael Milken, Gary Player, Dr. Murray Gell-Mann, Paul Volcker, George Plimpton and Arthur Laffer.

Stephanie is the author of Day Trips from New Jersey  (Globe Pequot Press, 2012). From 1995-1998, writing as Stephanie Murphy, she co-authored the first three editions of The Insiders’ Guide to Boca Raton & the Palm Beaches.

She was a writer and columnist for the Palm Beach Daily News from 2000-2008. Her feature articles and photographs have appeared in Palm Beach Illustrated,  The Palm Beach Post, The Miami Herald, Sun-Sentinel, Florida Weekly, Culture, Quality Cities, Boca Raton News, Palm Beach County TravelHost and other publications.

Stephanie is a graduate of the University of Florida College of Journalism (Stephanie Wysong). She studied at the University of Colorado on a Gannett Foundation grant, and completed newspaper management training at the Knight-Ridder Institute in Miami.

A native of Jacksonville, Stephanie also lived in Fort Myers, Coral Gables, Pensacola Beach and Gainesville. After college, she lived and worked in Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton.

She is the author of two biographies in progress. Since 2014, she has been writing a novel and screenplay.

Stephanie and her husband, Gerard A. Lupo, live in West Palm Beach, Florida.