Marty Jourard

Marty Jourard

Marty Jourard

Marty Jourard, a Gainesville native who released five albums and two top-ten singles with the 1980s band The Motels, is the author of Start Your Own Band. He teaches songwriting classes at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.

Marty Jourard was born on an August 25th, just like Elvis Costello, Sean Connery, Walt Kelly, Wayne Shorter, Leonard Bernstein, Claudia Schiffer, Gene Simmons, DJ Terminator X, Bret Harte, Tzar Ivan the Terrible (1530), Clara Bow, Regis Philbin, Mia Zapata, Rachael Ray and—tragically—-Billy Ray Cyrus. Location: Atlanta, Georgia, at the Emory University Maternity Ward.

Skills: Making omelets, playing musical instruments, collecting menus, vintage cookbooks, dust,and other ephemera.

Somewhere in his childhood Marty learned to play keyboard and saxophone. The early years were torturous for all within hearing range; however, through the rare practice session and a sort of aimless diligence—ever-mindful of the Jourard family credo Parvus passus pro mens parvus (“Tiny steps for tiny minds”) —Marty slowly improved until people no longer wept openly when they heard him play. Fewer people anyhow.

After thirteen years in Los Angeles, iin 1989 Jourard moved to Seattle, Washington where he now resides. Just like Florida, it rains a lot.

Marty was in a band called the Motels and—decades before—a band called Road Turkey. Yes, folks: Road Turkey.

Tremendous physical strength is a typical Jourard trait, and Marty’s abilities are in keeping with his ancestry: he once broke a Vienna roll in half with his bare hands. He was drunk at the time, but could probably do it sober.

While we’re on the subject of Marty—–and we certainly are!—-in 1997 he wrote a book about bands and music and stuff called Start Your Own Band

Is there anything this promising lad can’t do?

Definitely. But why waste time on that? There’s so little to do and so much time to do it!

Wait. Scratch that. Reverse. O.K.