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Can you stock my book at the Bookmark It Orlando?

We have a robust section of local and independent authors and that’s one of the things that makes our bookshop great. If you have written a book that you would like us to stock, please mail us a copy to us for review. If you would like your book returned, don’t forget the SASE! We do not charge a consignment fee for local authors, but since our space is limited, our reading team carefully curates our collection.

Bookmark It Orlando

Attn: Author Review Committee

P.O. Box 141347

Orlando FL 32814

My book is on consignment at the Bookmark It Orlando, and I’ve been promoting it and letting people know it’s for sale. How do I set up an author event?

We receive a large number of event requests, so please consider the following before you reach out to us. We have three different types of authors that appear at the bookshop: Independent, Emerging, and Established.

What kind of event should I prepare for?

We generally host two types of events:

How will you promote my book?

We post all of our author events to this website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We also have signage in the store and market. We will work with established authors and publicists to capture local media attention. All other publicity is up to the author and publisher.